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Smile Appearance Kids Walkie Talkie

Find a Unique appearance and colorful kids walkie talkies, Retevis RT32. The Cheap walkie talkie for children. The bright color can bring more joyful for kids. It has all the adult walkie talkie functions.

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Kids Walkie Talkies RT32 Smile Appearance

0.5W 22 Channels FRS/GMRS/8 Channels(PMR) 

UHF VOX Scan Call Alarm Monitor LED Flashlight Two Way Radio

Picture Show:

Front and Back, Battery:






Features overview:


Package contents:

2 x Portable radio

2 x Belt clip

2 x Sling

1 x User manual

Description of RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies:

The Retevis Mini Walkie-Talkie RT32 is the must-have communication tool for each and every outdoor enthusiast. 

This radio is perfect for family and friends to stay in touch whether you're tackling a backcountry trail, or trying to brave a crowded shopping mall. 

The RT32 doesn’t stop at just an exceptional range. This lightweight unit comes packed full of essential features.

Main Features of RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies:

1. Popular flashlight:

The flashlight will make things easier in a dark environment, and it will keep kids safe in the road or yard, they will enjoy playing night.

2. Smile appearance:

Smile design will bring more fun for kids, unique design is popular for kids. Not the same with the original one, but could work together with others when on the same channel and same CTCSS.

3. Equipped with lanyard:

Not only including the belt clip, but also have the lanyard, and you can hang on for little one, and with VOX, they don't need to press PTT to talk.

A unique appearance and colorful kids walkie talkies

Unique green design to make children more nature.

4. Available Channel:

With 22/8 Channels and 99 privacy codes, Totaling 2178/792 combinations, It is easy to find an available channel.

5. Different Call Tone:

10 Call tone, More ring tones, call each other in an emergency.

6. Scan Function:

Fast scan, Can quickly find a friend who is talking

Other Functions of RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies:

  • Kids Walkie Talkies as Baby Monitor

VOX function and easy to operate will help you wake up your kids, and it is 0.5W have the long-range so that you can keep connecting with your kids in a different room.

  • Walkie Talkies for Family Camping

The small size makes it convenient to carry around, even for smaller hands.

Able to keep an eye on your kids when camping, and you can keep connect with your kids anywhere, keep them safe.

  • Kids WalkieTalkies Outdoor

Weekends sunshine outdoor, these will enable kids to explore their own environment, and gain self-confidence.

Enable kids to enjoy freely running around in the woods or neighborhood while still communicating.



RT32 Kids Walkie Talkies

Frequency Range

US: 462.5625-467.7250MHz
EU: 446.00625-446.09375Mhz

Channel capacity

22 Channels(FRS/GMRS)
8 Channels(PMR)

CTCSS code

99 privacy codes






4 x“AAA” batteries required(Included)

Main Functions

The LCD display, VOX Hand-free, Call Alert, Double Channel Monitor function, TX Power Low/high, Auto Squelch, Low battery alert, 10 Call tones, Scan function, Backlit display, Keypad tone, Roger Beep

Adjustable volume level


Battery status indicator


Transmitting and receiving icons


Channel number display


Key lock function(Long press Menu)


Auto battery save


Support Earpiece and Charger


Size(include antenna)

Approx:98mm x 54mmx27mm(3.85in x 2.13in x 1.06in)



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