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Are you also worrying about Christmas gifts 2020 like me?

Are you also worrying about Christmas gifts 2020 like me?

Does anyone like me worry about Christmas gifts 2020? Is it for a meal? Or buy a piece of clothing? Or go on a vacation? It's really annoying.

Don’t know how you spend Christmas? Many young people in China will buy Christmas tree decorations and send gifts to each other one week before Christmas. It may also be the apple of the day before yesterday. The most important thing is to go shopping with classmates. The commercial street is very beautiful, with feasting, colorful lanterns, people coming and going, very lively.

It is even better if there is snow in the sky.

I also really want to learn about the special celebrations of other countries.

Christmas gifts 2020

For example, in Italy, children will compose their own hymns and read them aloud to their parents after dinner to express their gratitude to their parents.

Chileans celebrate Christmas and make cold drinks called "monkey tails", which are made from coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes. I really want to try it.

Although Christmas is increasingly becoming a consumer holiday, it is very precious to maintain the original traditional customs.

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