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Cheap and multifunctional walkie talkie for kids

Cheap and multifunctional walkie talkie for kids

RetevisRT388 is one of the best-selling walkie-talkies under the RetevisToys brand. RetevisRT388 has the advantages of full-featured, multi-color and low-cost advantages that make other walkie-talkies stand out. RetevisRT388 is a cheap and multi-functional walkie-talkie for kids, certificate-free, long communication distance, two way radio.

This Thanksgiving Day feedback, the official website adjusted the price of RT388 to 14.99 US dollars, which is the lowest price on the whole network. The event will last until Christmas, if you are interested the cheap and multifunctional walkie talkie for kids, you can click on the official website to view. Inquiries from distributors and retailers are welcome.

Cheap walkie talkie for kids

Many customers are looking for walkie-talkie toys suitable for boys and girls. RT388 can definitely meet your needs. There are five colors for you to choose. Of course, RetevisToys also provides customized services to adjust the logo, brand, appearance, etc. according to needs.

RetevisRT388 is very light and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As long as the channel and frequency are adjusted to the same, it can be used, which is very convenient. It also comes with a flashlight, suitable for adventure, role-playing and other scenarios. I believe this is very suitable for children's needs for independent communication tools, and also meets the curiosity of toy exploration. Christmas is coming soon, if children receive such a gift, they will definitely be very happy. Of course, RetevisToys also has many rechargeable, videoable, and long-distance toy walkie-talkies. Welcome to inquire.

If you still have questions, please click on the link to view:https://www.retevistoys.com/.

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