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Children's walkie-talkie toys free evaluation cooperation

Children's walkie-talkie toys free evaluation cooperation

When RetevisToys launches new products, it will recruit evaluation cooperation free of charge, hoping to cooperate with customers to give the most sincere product experience. In addition, it is a children's walkie-talkie for unique or scene use. On the one hand, understand customer feedback, on the other hand, produce materials for new products that will be launched. Therefore, RetevisToys has always cooperated in the free evaluation of children's walkie-talkies toys.

There are generally four options for cooperation in the free evaluation of children's walkie-talkies.

free evaluation cooperation rules for children's walkie-talkies

  1. The first is professional assessment. RetevisToys will invite professional toy testers to cooperate. Mail the walkie-talkie toy samples for free, and the partner will use it, and give feedback in the form of social media posts/videos/texts/pictures. For professional evaluation, we need to look at the number of social media subscriptions, video update cycle, product type, etc.
  2. The second is event sponsorship. RetevisToys has always sponsored various events, competitions, schools, etc. Such as children's outdoor adventure competitions, science competitions, camping, and boy scout activities. RetevisToys gives the greatest product support. The RetevisToys official website has its own application portal, where you can send sponsorship applications.
  3. Gifts activities. When the new children's walkie-talkie arrives, we will hold a gift event. Let RetevisToys consumers give priority to experience the new walkie-talkie toys for free. RetevisToys customers will also actively share feedback on the official website or their own social media.
  4.  Toy store samples. RetevisToys mainly has distribution, wholesale and customized services. There will be a sample experience in the toy store, and we will send a sample experience free of charge.

Therefore, if you are willing to cooperate in the free evaluation of children's walkie-talkie toys, you can leave a message in the comment area or Email us.

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  • Super geniales estos walkie talkies, nos hemos divertido muchísimo con mi hermanito Segu y además siempre los unamos para salir de caminata al cerro con mis padres ,estoy FELIZ

      • Thank you so much.You are a partner with ideas, I hope you and your family are healthy and happy

    • Mes petits-enfants sont supers content des walkie-Talkie la réception est très bonne .

        • Thank you so much

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