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Children RetevisRT30 will be in the movie soon

Children RetevisRT30 will be in the movie soon

The movie "Heaven Comes In" will meet you soon. The producer sent me a one-minute movie trailer. I think everyone has seen it. Heaven Come In, written by Marie Clare Friar, directed by Rebekah Davis and produced by myself. The short film has been funded by Northern Ireland Screen, the film commission for Northern Ireland and I am producing the film through Belfast based production company, Out of Orbit. Children RetevisRT30 will be in the movie soon.

This short film tells the story of a little boy. As can be seen from the trailer, the boy did not have a smile in his childhood when he should have been happy. The story of the boy and the RetevisRT30 walkie-talkie is even more exciting. I want to know what happened after the boy ran out.

Do you expect the same as me? RetevisToys will share with you as soon as the movie is released.

Children RetevisRT30

This children's walkie-talkie RetevisRT30 has a long talking distance. A customer said that she often talks with her daughter upstairs and downstairs. His home is on the 13th floor. For example, if the daughter forgets the homework or other things, she can tell her parents to send it down.

This walkie-talkie is very practical and cheap. The design of the owl is eye-catching, and the production is light. And, now Christmas is discounted and the discount is even greater. This is the first choice for holiday gifts, birthday gifts and life use.

If you are more interested in children RetevisRT30, you can click on the link to view.

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