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Exploring treasure with RetevisToys walkie-talkie

Exploring treasure with RetevisToys walkie-talkie

Today, Carolina Inciarte, a partner of RetevisToys, sent us a video using RetevisRA18, which is really fun. You can view it on the official website: https://www.retevistoys.com/Video/New-walkie-talkie-gift-RA18-pink-and-blue. The siblings are holding RetevisToys walkie-talkies to explore treasures together. This game is too exciting and fun.

First, the younger brother hid the game prizes somewhere and directed his sister to find them. The younger brother secretly looked at his sister from behind, and used the walkie-talkie RA18 to give the sister the location information and instructions of the treasure prize, and finally the sister successfully found the game. Later, it was the sister who directed the younger brother to search. The two brothers and sisters had a great time playing this treasure hunting game. It's so fun to explore treasure with RetevisToys walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkie outdoor camping exploration use

Unexpectedly, RetevisToys walkie-talkies still have this function. Really thank Carolina Inciarte. She is really a serious, responsible, happy and optimistic girl. She told me that this is really the best toy gift for a child. Carolina Inciarte has tried out the pink toy walkie-talkie RA18 for treasure hunting. Would you like to try the blue walkie-talkie?

RetevisRA18 is very versatile and suitable for outdoor use. Children can play and use outdoors. We also welcome you to provide new usage scenarios. The current weather is very suitable for outdoor camping and enjoying nature. You can take the walkie-talkie and play with your children.

If you also want to try the new RA18, come and share your thoughts. 

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