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Fun walkie talkie: An outdoor shooting device

Fun walkie talkie: An outdoor shooting device

Fun walkie talkie: An outdoor shooting device

Walkie-talkie outdoor shooting suit brings different fun to children. It is a multi-player playsuit.

Parents accompany their children to play and compete in competitions; multi-player teams between neighboring children for friendly and competitive competitions;

provide children with a richer and more fun game scene. Don't miss it!!!

RT388 walkie talkie, long talk distance, and clear voice let your children communicate better in the game, the team is more united, so as to win the target, defeat the enemy team and even defeat the UFO.

The confidentiality of RT388 is also very high, it is very good to ensure that the calls between teams will not be heard by other teams, and it is more "secret".

With VOX function, children can free their hands during combat and hit the target more accurately. Hang the walkie-talkie with a back clip or a lanyard,

which is convenient for the children to chase the target team, or to request support to improve the children's team awareness.

Laser gun, a technological pistol that does not require bullets. It has a cool appearance and is loved by children. The mode without physical bullets makes this gun safer.

You don’t need to consider that it will harm your child. After all, it will not fire bullets. But it will still make you feel the joy of the pistol. When the children hit the target,

it will have a vibration effect to remind the children to hit the target. The configured UFO is a rechargeable flying object. As an alien organization, children can team up to chase UFOs,

prevent it from invading their homes, and bring more fun to the game.

Through this set, you can improve children's flexibility, sense of justice, and teamwork ability. It is a very good set toy.

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