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Halloween Is Coming Soon, Let's Trick Or Treat

Halloween Is Coming Soon, Let's Trick Or Treat

Family members of RETEVIS must have noticed that the page of RETEVIS's official website has been replaced with Halloween. Halloween is a day for children to ask for sweets in a fair manner and to make ghosts scare people. must be fun. Halloween is coming soon, let's trick or treat.

The two most exciting content, one is clothing, the other is pumpkin lanterns. Halloween costumes are all in all appearances, not just monotonous big ghosts and little ghosts. To make the simplest ghost costume, put a white sheet on your head and cut two holes to leave your eyes; if you want to play the role of a magician, put on black clothes and black pants, then a black top hat, and put it on top of your head. Hidden a fluffy bunny in between; the child put on white clothes and white pants, and then tied a flashlight on his back to dress up as a little angel; there are also parents who dress the child as a cartoon image they like. Knowing that clothing is so simple and practical, I don’t seem to be afraid.

Halloween Is Coming Soon

The other is pumpkin lanterns, just like the Kongming lanterns in China, full of wishes. Pumpkins are paired with candles, and the warm colors make people feel warm. Pumpkin lanterns everywhere present a macro scene. Let the ghost find its way back to the world. It is also the best wishes to the predecessors.

By the way, children can use the intercom secrets to make trouble. It is more convenient for communication and better coordination. Halloween is coming soon, let's trick or treat.

With Halloween and Christmas coming, RETEVIS will also prepare discounts for everyone. Wish the holidays together.

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