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Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie has been upgraded!

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie has been upgraded!

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkie has been upgraded!

Today we finished the upgrade of the kid's walkie talkie. This upgrade is aimed at rechargeable walkie talkie.
 As we all know, Retevis toys have some Rechargeable models of kids walkie talkie, such as RT628, RT388, RT32 and so on.
 After many times test, We upgraded the technology and modified the existing charger.

For RT628 &RT388, We did all the tests. 

 For Example:
1.We used a three-step test:
 Step1. Fully discharge the pre-update RT388 & RT628 and post-update RT388 & RT628 until the battery is dead;
 Step2. Charge the completely new version RT388 & RT628 with the updated adapter, and charge the completely updated RT388 & RT628 with the updated adapter, recording the time of full charge of all machines;
 Step3. Conduct a full-function test for all fully charged products. Start standby discharge after no abnormality is detected.

2. Detecting instrument:
Burn-in rack.


3. Criterions:
The charging process of the old and new versions is normal, and the updated product functions and standby time are not affected by the adapter changes.

4. Update the results:
 After Update, we use the new charger, and the PCB board to test.
After the adapter is changed to quick charging, the charging time is greatly shortened, and the product function and standby capacity are not affected. 

Compared with the new and old version of the adapter, the new version of the adapter has stronger charging capacity.


In the future, Retevistoys will continue to upgrade our products, develop a new product, Perfect all products as best as possible to make our products more optimized and meet various customers requirements. If you have any suggestion, please write to me at once if you have any suggestion.
Our Email: info@retevistoys.com.

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