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A New Walkie-Talkie Toys Under Design-Kitchen Mouse(Remy)

A New Walkie-Talkie Toys Under Design-Kitchen Mouse(Remy)

A New Walkie-Talkie Toys Under Design-Kitchen Mouse(Remy)

Retevis Toys design team will launch a new walkie talkie Toys for kids-Kitchen Mouse(Remy) in July 2019.

We design this walkie talkie toys' appearance is a small Mouse, which wore a little chef's hat on his head.

So we called it Kitchen Mouse.

At first, we design two animal styles, one is a penguin, the other is a Kitchen Mouse.

After a long investigation, we choose the chose the latter.

new design.png

The design inspiration comes from a film- Ratatouille, which is a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

It's the story of a mouse (Remy)who, against all odds, follows her passion to become a brilliant chef at a French restaurant in Paris. 

Rats don't work well in the kitchen and the kitchen doesn't work well for rats so you can imagine how difficult it is for rats to become chefs.

We think Remy conveys a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, so we take Remy as your model, and designed Retevis kitchen mouse.

This toy will Pursue a minimalist style, just Only the necessary basic functions are retained, Very few buttons, It is simple to operate, really suitable for children use.

It will have no LCD display screen but still has long call distance function, can reach 4km.

It will retain the most common function of a normal walkie talkie, such as CTCSS/DCS, which is Encryption Settings, Prevent your child's phone calls from being monitored.

And it will have Other functions, Now it's a secret, When the finished product comes out, we can see them.

Now We're trying to determine his color, Every detail of designing a walkie-talkie toys needs to be studied repeatedly,

Color is also very important to us.

We have considered for a long time, but still, have no definite answer, If you have a bit of good advice, it will be appreciated!

color-retevis toys.png

Let's look forward to his coming in the near future!

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