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New RetevisRA17 3 sets radios are here

New RetevisRA17 3 sets radios are here

The new product RetevisRA17 3 sets of children's walkie-talkies is here. This is a set of children's walkie-talkies with bright colors, complete functions and long communication distance, suitable for outdoor activities.

First of all, it is fully functional. As a children's walkie-talkie, RetevisRA17 is not only easy to operate, but its functions are comparable to basic outdoor walkie-talkies. For example, RetevisRA17 has 16 Channels, Hands-Free Operation (VOX), Scan Channels, privacy codes, Backlit LCD Display, Call Ringtone Ten selectable tones, Button Lock, Battery/Power Saver, Key tone, Battery Level Indicator, Low Battery Audible Alert and Auto Squelch functions. Basically meet the outdoor communication needs. Moreover, the communication distance is as long as 4 kilometers, which covers the communication needs of children in outdoor activities.

RetevisRA17 3 sets

The 3 sets of children's walkie-talkie RetevisRA17 are very bright in color, which is conducive to children's visual recognition. Moreover, to meet the special needs of children for different colors. The combination of green, yellow, black and red, and orange and blue is suitable for boys and girls.

Moreover, the three-piece walkie-talkie is very suitable for outdoor activities. For groups with a large number of people, 2 to 3 sets of walkie-talkies can satisfy the team. Outdoor camping, picnics, adventures, role-playing and other activities are very suitable.

Who wouldn't love a walkie talkie with bright colors, exquisite and cute? For more information, please click on the official website:https://www.retevistoys.com/.

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