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New product RA18 is suitable for Party Use

New product RA18 is suitable for Party Use

Children should like parties the most. For example, birthday parties, proposal parties, greenhouse parties, class parties, and various celebration parties. At the party, you can swim, barbecue, talk about life and work, and children also have playmates, introduce their toys and play. No matter what the party, the communication process is indispensable. You see, the new product RA18 is suitable for party use.

First of all, from the color point of view, the new product RA18 uses bright colors, which is suitable for a colorful party atmosphere.
Secondly, the RA18 has a large sound tube, which can be received clearly even in a noisy environment.
Third, RA18 has a long communication distance. Generally, it can communicate clearly within 3 kilometers to meet the communication needs of parties.

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Especially for children, friends finally get together and play some role-playing, hide-and-seek, treasure maps, and building blocks games. Children can pass freely. Moreover, it is convenient for parents to contact their children in time. Therefore, the new product RA18 is too suitable for party use.

Spring is here, and the ice on the lake may have melted. Children can enjoy spring outings, camping and fishing. When fishing, everyone talks quietly. Sometimes, the distance is too far to hear. Now, with RA18, anglers can hang RA28 in the position of the backpack or the lapel of clothes, turn on the VOX function, and communicate at any time. I can't wait to go fishing.

Do you have anything you want to do in the spring of 2021?

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