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New product two way radio RA18 is coming

New product two way radio RA18 is coming

RetevisRT388 is one of RetevisToys' most popular walkie-talkies because of its high quality and low price. It has full-featured functions and buttons for easy operation and communication. In addition, RT388 walkie-talkies are suitable for a wide range of ages, so sales are very high. Due to customer needs, we specially adjusted the color matching on the powerful functions of RT388, and developed a new product RetevisRA18. In 2021, the new product 2 way radio RA18 will come.

The new product 2 way radio RA18, as the new walkie-talkie in 2021, meets the needs of customers for practical functions, and the colors are more coordinated and refined. In fact, the basic functions of the new 2 way radio RA18 can be used by 3+ children and even adults. For example, functions such as VOX, Pravicy Code, Scan Channels, and low-battery indicator enable better expression between children and between parents and children.

The new 2 way radio RA18 is only 77g, light, convenient and easy to carry. 2 way radio RA18 adopts a curved design, which is convenient to hold; the special material makes the walkie-talkie safer to use and has a good touch.

 2 way radioRT388

The new 2 way radio RA18 has 9 buttons, all operations become more convenient. Children can operate independently by following the prompts of the buttons. When you press different keys, there are displays on the screen, quickly set the mode you want.

RetevisToys provides you with customized, wholesale, retail and distribution services. You can choose according to your product line type and market demand. RetevisToys not only provides you with professional product introduction but also complete after-sales service.

In the new year, everyone is welcome to start in love and communication.

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