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Police Two way Radio RetevisRT30 Packs

Police Two way Radio RetevisRT30 Packs

Many children must have played role playing in their childhood. By watching cartoons and movies, you must have dreamed that you are Spider-Man, Hulk and Ultraman. These movie characters and cartoon toys will also sell well. In the world of children, wearing the clothes and equipment of an idol, oneself is a hero. RetevisToys has prepared the Police Two way Radio RetevisRT30 packs for you.

The combination of walkie-talkie + telescope makes it easier for children to enter the role-playing scene. The children hold telescopes for reconnaissance work, communicate with their peers through walkie-talkies, and cooperate to eliminate enemy attacks.

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Two way Radio RetevisRT30 packs can also be used in playgrounds. Watch Mickey Mouse stage performances in the crowd through telescopes, and share them instantly on the intercom. This is a wonderful and no regrets playground tour.

The first experience of a child with toys is what the toy gives the child, and then the child controls the toy. The Two way Radio RetevisRT30 combo makes the child's eyes shine. The owl's design and bright colors attract children's attention for the first time. Simple and easy-to-use functional design enhances children's self-confidence.

RetevisToys has prepared big discounts for you, as low as 40%. There are free Christmas gifts for you. There is still one month to stock up for Christmas, and everything is too late. Inquiries are welcome.

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