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Retevis  New toys Release!!! RT30M Kitchen Mouse

Retevis New toys Release!!! RT30M Kitchen Mouse

Retevis New toys Release!!! RT30M Kitchen Mouse

Retevis Toys launched a new walkie talkie toys this month, it is our kitchen mouse walkie talkie RT30M.


Why did we call it a kitchen mouse?

Firstly, because he looks like a cute little mouse, Looks lovely and innocent.

Then, If you look closely at this toy, you will find it have a small chef's hat on its head, which makes it look like a little cook, so we called it Kitchen Mouse.


What are the features of RT30M kitchen mouse?

1.Only two buttons.

RT30M is a simplified version of the walkie talkie toys for children.

It only has Two-button- On/Off Power Button and PTT button.

Children only need to press the power button to turn on or turn off the radio, and only press the PTT button to talk.


2.RT30M only have one channel.

This model only has one channel, the FRS frequency is 467.5625MHz, DCS is D306N. While the PMR frequency is 446.09375MHz, DCS is D503N.

(DCS is a Special coding for Encryption Settings, Encryption Settings)

They are two different versions, for US and Europen, Now We default to yellow is FRS for the US, the Blue is PMR for Europen. 

We also support OEM as customers need, including the color and appearances.

FRS Frequency For US:


PMR Frequency for Europen:



3. The ear of RT30M kitchen mouse have LED Indicator, you can see they have the light when you turn on the radio. 

This undoubtedly adds interesting to children's toys.


4.RT30M have a belt clip. You can assemble and remove the belt clip.

How to assemble and remove the belt clip.

Slide the clip into the slot on the back of the radio

until it is snapped into place.

-To remove

Gently pull the lock tab, and then push up the belt

clip to remove it from the radio.


5.RT30M is a tiny walkie talkie for kids. It is designed to fit the size of a child's palm, the Overall dimensions are 119*48*35mm, the weight is only 96g. 

Professional Designed specifically for children.


6.Battery saver.

Automatic Turn off.

The radio will automatically power off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

7.Long-distance communication.

RT30M kitchen Mouse Adopt 4818 chip, can reach a long distance, more than 1.5km, Crystal's voice.

The sound quality of clear calls is comparable to that of mobile phones.

8.RT30M can talk with Adult Business/outdoor radio, just make sure they have the same frequency and CTCSS/DCS.

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