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How a little RT36  walkie talkie toy is made?

How a little RT36 walkie talkie toy is made?

Do you know how a little RT36 is made?

RT36 looks like a simple toy, But it went through quite a complicated production process. Today We'll take a look at the production process of RT36.


RT36 is the earliest self-developed walkie talkie products, it is rechargeable battery USB charging, it have flashlight long range radio, with crystal sound license free walkie talkies for Kids.


Now We're going to see how RT36 is produced step by step.

一、RT36 Shell production

First of all, We will see shell injection molding production, it including the back clip ,battery cover,robot arm, and bottom case and other parts .

We use new hard solid materials, it is rugged enough to withstand even the adult's hard stampede, and Solid enough to withstand you kids unexpected hit during use, Even if it drops from 2 meters sky, it can still work perfectly.


二、PCB'A Production Process:

The PCB'A Produce is a key link in walkie talkie production, it is Very sophisticated and complex.

Now We will see the high-speed SMT and PCB'A, and AOI automatic detection For RT36.

PCB'A , which is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly. In other words, the blank PCB passes through the upper part of SMT or the whole process of DIP plug-in, which is called PCB'A.

Now We can see the big Full-automatic SMT machine, which is a device for attaching an element to an instrument.

SMT machine:


PCB'A detection:


三、RT36 assembly.

1. we can see LCD Display installation.


2.LED display test:


3. RT36 Circuit board welding:


4. Lock body case:


5.Interphone assembly


6.The spectrometer modulates the frequency


7. The precision motor ensures highly stable screw tightening operations.


8.Installation of the shell:


9.Screw on the housing screws:


10. This is the last step: inspection of the finished product.

A:Charging test


B. Performance detection


C.Appearance and function detection:


D.Packing box:


E. labelling:

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