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New Arrivel! Retevis RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies and Kids Binocular

New Arrivel! Retevis RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies and Kids Binocular

New Arrival! Retevis RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies and Kids Binocular

To give children a better outdoor experience, A new suit has been introduced by Retevistoys, it is Retevis RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies and Kids Binocular.

This great combination works well for the school camping, family traveling, parties, birthday gift, cosplay, outdoor exploration and so on.

And they are the best education toy for kids. 

The walkie talkies are super lightweight yet have really clear sound quality. The binoculars are great quality as well.


Why do we choose RT30 kids walkie talkie and kids telescope as a combination?

1. We think for Kids,Simple is best!

We have many kinds of walkie-talkies, some of them have 8 Channels, and some of them have 16 channels. It is really a good walkie talkie for kids, Almost like adult outdoor radio.

But sometimes, we think simple is best, so we developed some minimalist walkie-talkies, such as RT30, RT30M.

Because too many channels for younger children, they can hardly remember so many channels, and maybe they can't keep their unit on the same channel the entire time. 

Based on this, Both RT30 and RT30M have only one channel, children only need to press the PTT button to keep talking with others.


2. We think for kids, the toys should be simple, interesting, safe, reliable.

We want our products to give children a sense of simplicity, fun, safety, and reliability. 

It is like we are looking for toys for our own children.

So Retevistoys kids walkie talkie adopt 4818 chip for our kid's walkie talkie, make sure they have Crystal Clear Sound, Long distance range( 1.5km).

It also has Channel Locking Feature, Belt Clip for easier use.

And RetevisToys Binoculars adopt Professional Grade Optical Lens, 8X Magnification, Shockproof Design.

Whether it be going on a nature hike with mom, a camping trip with dad, or just playing as a family in the backyard, they can give you crystal clear audio and excellent view out of binoculars.

RetevisToys Binoculars will be a good tool for kids when you go to a bird sanctuary or at a local forest preserve, they can give you a perfect clear sight!


3. In our view, Retevis Kids walkie talkies and children's binoculars are better than Legos for boys because they can get children active. 

No more screen time with walkie talkies long-range kids can run around.

Walky talky sets allow you to talk to friends and family over short distances. 

Retevistoys RT30 Kids Walkie Talkies and Kids Binocular are great camping gear.

You can make great preschool graduation gifts for 3-12-year-old boys and girls. 

It is widely used for your family hike and go kayaking and other outdoor activities.

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