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Retevis RT30M Walkie Talkie Test Report

Retevis RT30M Walkie Talkie Test Report

Retevis RT30M Walkie Talkie Test Report

RT30M is a kitchen mouse modeling walkie talkie, it is one of the models of Retevis animals walkie talkie products.

Its predecessor was RT30 OWL walkie talkie

It is a simple we tested the Retevis RT30M kitchen mouse walkie talkie this week, Today we will publish the test report.

Firstly, let us install the battery on RT30M.

RT30M uses an international AAA battery, you can easily buy a suitable battery locally.


Secondly, we will talk about the using experience. 

This Radio only has two buttons, one is the power button, the other is the PTT.

For the power button, only press 3 seconds, you can see the ear lights flicker, and you can hear an audio"du", it means your radio is turned on.


Then just press this button again, you can hear the ring tone, and the earlights will continuous flashing.

Besides, you can see the other RT30M radio, who can talk with each other, the ears will flash a different color light at the same time.

light of RT30M.png

If you want to turn off the radio, just press the power button for 3 seconds, it will be turned off.

For the other button of RT30M, it is a talk key, you can see "talk" on it, we called it PTT.

You need to press this key to transmit the voice.

key talk.png

After transmitting, you can hear a roger tone, it means transmit over.

Thirdly, Let us take a look at the results of the call distance test.

We do two tests this week.

  1. In a 25-story building, one of our staff hold one RT30M on the top of the building, the other one staff hold one RT30M on earth, they can talk with each other,

    The voice clear, Signal is good.

    It means RT3OM in the mixed pure land building, the communication condition is good, the signal is not disturbed.

  2. We tested it from our company to our staff's home.

    Our company is on the eighth floor of the building.

    Our staff goes home from the company while holding RT30M. She announced her position as she goes, we can hear clearly when she walked nearly 1km.

Thus, the sound quality of the walkie talkie is clear and the communication distance is long.


So what conclusions can we draw from this?

  1. RT30M Only two button minimalist design, suitable for children. The small body and A special appearance, special for small and medium children.

  2. Just one channel, one frequency, Realized one key call, no more complex operations are required.

  3. Long-distance communication range, crystal voice, Easy to realize long-distance call, you can keep in touch with your kids, when they are outside while you are at home.

  4. If you want to choose a gift for your children, it would be the best choice. 

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