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Retevis RT45 & RT628 rechargeable Battery-BL45

Retevis RT45 & RT628 rechargeable Battery-BL45

Retevis RT45 & RT628 rechargeable Battery-BL45

In April of this year, We came up with a project to do rechargeable batteries for RT45 and RT628 and other non-rechargeable walkie-talkies.

It is well known that Retevis RT45 and RT628 are the ourdoor and kids walkie talkie, it can be install 3 AA batteries. Or you can buy AAA rechargeable battry for it.

Some of our customers asked if we could have a Large capacity lithium battery  for them, so that they can use directly, instead to buy battry.

So we research and development BL45 for RT45 and RT628.

Original RT45:


BL45 For RT45:


Production process:

  1. It took us about one week to set up the overall appearance and structure of the products.


2.We use one week for Appearance handplate (3D printing).


3.Mold trial, mold repair and small batch trial production, it need about 15 days.


The advantage of BL45:

  1. It can be charged directly, you can see it have a mic-USB in the top of this battery.


  2. It can be used in Both RT45 and RT628.


3.Wide usage:

BL45 batery can Compatible with many Models, such as walkie talkie RT45,RT628, RT32series,Motorola T200 and some of the other walkie-talkies that require 3*AA batteries.

4. BL45 can be charged independently, it is portable and lightweight, it doesn't need a charging base and an outlet. It can save your space and easy to carry out.


5.It can be recyclable, and it is environmentlly-frendly, you no need to worry about it have harmful heavy metals, such as cadmium, mercury and lead. 

It has at least 3 years life,  It can be recharged 1000 times.

6.A variety of portable charging modes are available.


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