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Retevis toys Halloween Giveaway!- Free Walkie Talkie Gift!

Retevis toys Halloween Giveaway!- Free Walkie Talkie Gift!

Retevis toys Halloween Giveaway!- Free Walkie Talkie Gift!

2019 Halloween is around the corner.

We will have a giveaway! We want to send some walkie talkie to our fans as a free gift!

How to get kids walkie talkie?

Meet the following conditions to have the opportunity to receive free gifts!

1. Tell me what you know about children's walkie-talkies.

You should send us an article about kids walkie talkie, no less than 300 words, Any content will do.

2. We will select the top 10 participants, send them our new kid's walkie talkie RT37/RT637 or RT75/RT675.

3. Once the article is received and approved, We will inform you to provide the shipping address on the same day, then we will arrange the shipment, after shipping, we will give you the tracking number.

4. After receiving the kid's walkie talkie, Please provide at least five pictures of the toy display.

5.The activity time: From October 17th, 2019 to October 31th, 2019. Please put a rush on it!

Today receive your articles, we will ship you gift today!

6. Send your articles to this Email: Info@retevistoys.com, and tell us which one model you want to get!

Or Just Comment which one model you want to get below this blog,  we will reply here!


You can choose the modes: RT75/RT675 or RT37/RT637.

RT75/RT675: https://www.retevistoys.com/RT75-RT675-compass-walkie-talkie

RT37/RT637: https://www.retevistoys.com/RT37


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  • Childrens Walkie Talkies were designed by Retivis Toys to be educational toys to help develope the childs verbal communication and have fun. They come in different colours and shapes, but are easy for smaller hands to hold. They have small dials thus adding childs developmental use of coordination and dexterity. They said children's developmental understanding of responsibility, whilst keeping in contact with each other and staying safe. The screen and dials have numbers on them thus aiding childs understanding and development of numbers. Walkie Talkies are a safe aid to keeping the child safe if used responsibly, thus also a fun way to learn.

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