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RetevisRA17 celebrates Thanksgiving with you 2020

RetevisRA17 celebrates Thanksgiving with you 2020

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in the United States. Now it is also Thanksgiving Day around the world. Because the heart of "gratefulness" knows no borders, and people all over the world are willing to join in and celebrate together.RetevisRA17 celebrates Thanksgiving with you.

The original source of Thanksgiving was that the Puritans from Britain came to America and accepted the help of the local Indians and were grateful. Later, President Lincoln unified the time of Thanksgiving. So far, Thanksgiving is truly established.

On Thanksgiving Day, Americans generally take a day off with pay. On that day, tens of thousands of people will return home for reunion. Everyone eats roast turkey, vegetables, buttered onions, etc., just like the Chinese New Year. Of course, it is reported that due to the large number of vehicles that day, the probability of a car accident has greatly increased. Therefore, people returning home must pay attention to safety, especially not drinking and driving.

RetevisRA17 celebrates Thanksgiving with you

Moreover, on Thanksgiving Day, there will be a custom of pardoning turkeys. The pardoned turkey can escape the fate of being slaughtered and endure with peace of mind. In 2018, the turkey pardoned by President Trump was still displayed in Washington. This is really a special custom.

In addition, Thanksgiving Day is also called "Black Friday." On that day, the supermarket will have a big discount, even a 10% discount. All, there will be many people lining up for shopping on the day.

Every country has different holiday customs, but the heart of gratitude is the same. I hope we will love, and love will always be there.
Friends can share your Thanksgiving customs and fun facts in the message area.RetevisRA17 celebrates Thanksgiving with you.

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