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RetevisRT34 Live Event Is Coming Soon

RetevisRT34 Live Event Is Coming Soon

The RetevisRT34 live event is here. RetevisRT34 is the only video children's walkie talkie on the market. The colors are very bright, orange and green. This is also the color selected by the public. The appearance of RT34 is very simple, only camera, power button, flashlight and PTT button. This makes it very convenient for children to use.

In addition, RT34 has no edges and corners, which is very safe for children to use. If your child's fingers are not that long, you can hold the back clip or hold the walkie-talkie's feet to talk.

The back clip of this walkie-talkie can be removed. If you want to change the battery, you can remove the back clip. Of course, if you are outside and don’t want to hold it in your hands, you can put it on your shoulder strap.

RetevisRT34 Live Event

Retevis RT34 has three AAA batteries, which can be used continuously after charging for about two hours. This is a dual-head USB charger that can charge two walkie-talkies at the same time. Moreover, the USB charging cable is easy to carry and can be used normally outdoors.

The walkie-talkie looks like a robot, and its arms can move. And it is very light, weighing only 100 grams with battery. The communication distance is about 50 meters outdoors, and it can be used normally indoors. If you like children's walkie-talkies with a long communication distance, you can see RetevisToys' new product RetevisRA17.

For more discounts and surprises, please look forward to the live event at 22:00 on November 13, 2020, US time.

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