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RetevisToys Walkie Talkies  In-Depth Dialogue With ToyBook

RetevisToys Walkie Talkies In-Depth Dialogue With ToyBook

RetevisToys will log into ToyBook Magazine on October 6, 2020. ToyBook Magazine interviewed WeiDong Shen, CEO of RetevisToys, and had an in-depth dialogue on development strategy, sales layout and future new products.

RetevisToys walkie talkies

In order to accurately promote RetevisToys walkie-talkies, RetevisToys chooses to accurately find Internet celebrities, professional testers and bloggers for marketing. Proximity push-style propaganda conveys new product information to consumers.

Second, both online and offline approaches. Online sales are indeed the largest sales outlet of RetevisToys. There are a wide range of consumer groups. In addition, offline toy stores and customized customers are also important sales groups.

Third, provide unique toys and gifts. I believe that this is the mission of many toy providers. Hope that children have fun and satisfy curiosity in playing.

I believe this is a secure communication tool that does not require network access or phone cards to communicate at any time. More importantly, this is an independent communication tool for children. Children do not need to deliberately obtain parental consent; do not blindly receive fragmented information. Moreover, as a toy, it is a durable toy. Don't let it go because you are tired. This is really a good gift and toy.

RetevisToys walkie talkies

Finally, 3 sets of new products, fairy tale children's walkie-talkies up to 4 kilometers are mentioned. This is the new toy walkie-talkie launched in November. For more new product information, please inquire.

Seeing the video of children using RT34 sent by customers, it was so happy and so happy. This is really the driving force for continuous innovation.

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