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RetevisToys new year plan 2021 is coming

RetevisToys new year plan 2021 is coming

Dear RetevisToys friends, I wish you all a happy new year. 2020 is about to pass, the best wishes for you.RetevisToys new year plan is coming.

In the new year, RetevisToys will start stocking in overseas warehouses. You can choose the shipping warehouse, which can reduce the product transportation time and receive the products as soon as possible. If you have a favorite model or product suggestion, you can tell us.

shipping warehouse

Secondly, RetevisToys still provides you with customized services. You can customize products such as brand, frequency and logo, expand your product types, and improve your local market competitiveness.

customized services

Third, RetevisToys has increased its sponsorship budget in the Boy Scout and ski market. We hope to provide this group with better walkie-talkie equipment so that they can better improve their skills and unity.

sponsorship budget in the Boy Scout

Fourth, RetevisToys will always develop new products. For example, RetevisRT34 video walkie talkie and RetevisRA17 long-distance walkie talkie have been recognized by the market, and the inquiry rate is very high. RetevisToys will combine market demand to provide more unique walkie-talkies.

new products

Fifth, RetevisToys will continue to broadcast live, bringing new products and preferential benefits to everyone. RetevisToys will continue to broadcast live, welcome to follow the walkie talkie toys for kids homepage and RetevisToys Youtube, we will update the latest content for you in time.

Happy New Year

In 2021, RetevisToys will bring you more unique products to return new and old customers. Everyone is welcome to supervise RetevisToys new year plan. I wish you all a Happy New Year again.

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