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Sharing of Christmas Writing In Various Countries

Sharing of Christmas Writing In Various Countries

Halloween is over, and it is about to usher in a global holiday-Christmas. Christmas is a global holiday, and everything changes on that day.

In Western countries, Christmas is as important as the Chinese New Year. Family and friends give each other gifts, eat turkey and reunion. Of course, every country has its own unique way of celebrating. This is really a hundred flowers blooming, all countries show the global village because of festivals.

Because of the different origins of Christmas and the social environment of the country, the way of writing Christmas is also different. The common English writing method is "Christmas", which is also the internationally accepted Christmas writing method. The Chinese wording of Christmas is "Christmas", which is a translation based on the Bible. Pay attention to the language environment and achieve "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance". This is also the breadth and depth of Chinese characters. Moreover, the commonly used script in China is italics, as well as seal script, official script, cursive script, running script, etc., which can reflect the beauty of writing and history.

If you like Chinese characters, you can follow the Chinese character "Christmas".

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There is also the sharing of "Merry Christmas" writing in various countries. For example, Merry Christmas in French is "Joyeux Noel"; Merry Christmas in Russia is "Hristos Razdajetsja"; and Swedish is "God Jul". Portuguese "Boas Festas", Irish "Nodlig mhaith chugnat", Danish "Glaedelig Jul".

If there is a problem with my writing, or if you have more languages ​​and more professional Christmas writing methods, please leave a message.

Also, welcome to share with us the Christmas customs of your own country in the RetevisToys comment area.

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