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The New 2021 Children's Walkie Talkie Is Here

The New 2021 Children's Walkie Talkie Is Here

The Chinese New Year has begun. RetevisToys will spend 2020 with everyone. It is now a traditional Chinese festival, the Chinese New Year. The family reunion, making dumplings, setting off firecrackers, hanging around, rubbing mahjong and so on are very happy. Here, RetevisToys wishes everyone a happy new year and happy every day. In 2021, there will be not only New Year greetings, but also new walkie-talkies waiting for you. Come and take a look, the new 2021 children's walkie-talkie is here.

First of all, RA18.RetevisToys, which is improved on the basis of the popular RetevisRT388, is improved in color and retains perfect functions. From single color to double color, the hand feel is improved, which makes children's eyes bright. RetevisRA18 has a simple appearance and meets public needs. And it has RT388 endorsement, which is highly recognized by the market.

2021 New walkie talkie toys

Secondly, the 3 sets of long-distance walkie-talkies RA17.RetevisRA17 are very suitable for groups to go out, such as schools, parks and camping. The communication distance can be up to 4 kilometers. Moreover, there are 3 RA17 units, which can be used by children and friends, children and parents, and it is very convenient for outdoor outings. The colors are diverse and can be used by boys and girls.

Third, the only video walkie-talkie on the market, RT34.RetevisRT34, will start trial production in 2020. There is a lot of feedback, and RetevisToys is also constantly improving, hoping to produce good products that make customers feel at ease.

In addition, RetevisToys provides customized, distribution and wholesale and retail services for everyone for a long time. If you want to join the walkie-talkie product category in 2021, or are interested in the new products of children's walkie-talkies in 2021, please contact us.

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