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The origin of Retevis RT36

The origin of Retevis RT36

The origin of Retevis RT36

The initial plans ......

As is well-known, Retevis is a walkie talkie manufacturer, we produce amateur radio ,business radio, power amplifier and repeater. 

In 2010, we suddenly thought if we can making a walkie-talkie suitable for childfren? This idea really exciting, After much thought, we decided to do it.

After a long time of conception, design , and repeated, we choose a robot appearance, and made a color as blue, we called it RT36, in this time, RT36 was born.


Retevis is the first factory to produce really children's walkie-talkies, we apply real walkie-talkie technology to children's toy walkie talkies. 

Make sure the walkie talkie toys have the Long-Distance communication, and all two way radio functions are preserved.  

We created a new brand,  we called it Retevis Toys.

The original  RT36 have no the red shoes, you can see it just a bare foot. We asked a lot of people for advice, one of our business radio's customers asked:

"Why not put on shoes for it?" We ended up making red shoes for RT36.  It end up forming is what you see today, RT36 Robot appearance.


We want to give RT36 a lot.......

We have given RT36 a lot of functionality.

We make it with 7 kinds of LCD disply, make it have 10 sets of call sounds to select. It Also have keyboard lock and LED flashlight.

We make it have a Long range, make your kids can hear each other without go up and down stairs; 

We make it have a Crystal voice ensure smooth communication even if whispering;

We make it Support 3 rechargeable batteries, You don't have to pay extra for the battery; 

We make it Easy operation with the labeled buttons and backlit LCD screen;

We hope RT36 can give our customers more different experiences,we thought a lot about it....... 

We hope it can bring a new experience for users, we hope it can redefine children's walkie-talkie products.

We thought this would be neat to use in the yard, telling your children to come back closer to the house. 

Or if you are downstairs and your kids are up, they could use it to talk to you if necessary. 

You can stick together and share top-secret plans with this set of Retevis long-range walkie talkies.

You also can use it for Adventure trip, no matter go hiking, camping,climbing, driving etc.

We hope it can be for practical use, not only useful as a toy.

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