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The questions of the walkie-talkie you care about

The questions of the walkie-talkie you care about

Many customers have various problems with children's walkie-talkies, such as usage scenarios, how to use them, and safety issues. Today, we make a collection of children's walkie-talkies that you care about. Collect answers to the questions that everyone cares about the most.

First, are children's walkie-talkies applicable to any country?
Children's walkie-talkies are divided into FRS and PMR versions. Generally speaking, countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama and Brazil use FRS, and other countries use the European version of PMR. Therefore, children's walkie-talkies can be used all over the world.

Second, do children's walkie-talkies need a certificate?
At present, RetevisToys children's walkie-talkies are all exempt walkie-talkies. After the child purchases it, it can be used directly.

Third, how to use children's walkie-talkies?
There are instructions for the application of walkie-talkies, or you can consult through Facebook or Email. In addition, children's walkie-talkies can also be given to children as gifts. It can be used by children, friends and parents.

Best walkie talkie for kids

Fourth, does RetevisToys have a distinctive model?
RT34 is the only video walkie talkie on the market. RA17 is a long-distance communication walkie-talkie with a communication distance of up to 4 kilometers. RT388, RT602 and RT628 are children's walkie-talkies with high market acceptance and sales. RB16, RT30 and RT30M are children's walkie-talkies with exquisite appearance and high quality and low price.

Fifth, where to find product information
You can search the official website: see all product information and company information. Or you can send an email to info@retevistoys.com. You can ask me for product catalog and quotation information.

The above is a collection of children's walkie-talkies that you care about. In the future, we will continue to sort out your questions and respond to them. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area.

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