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The unique video walkie-talkie experience

The unique video walkie-talkie experience

In 2020, the research and development of the new product RetevisRT34 will be completed, which is the only video intercom on the market. Once launched, it has indeed been sought after by many consumers. RetevisToys is also tracking customer needs in real time to continuously update and maintain children's walkie-talkies. Now, let's take a look at the unique video walkie-talkie experience.

First of all, turn on the new video walkie-talkie. If the customer receives the walkie-talkie, it cannot be turned on. First, consider the battery lighting problem, you can charge first. Second, open the back case to see if the battery is installed correctly. These two steps can solve most problems. So, if you encounter the problem of not being able to boot, don’t worry, try the above two steps.

Second, consumers are pleasantly surprised. The new RetevisRT34 does not require WIFI and network, and it can be connected to another walkie-talkie to make a video call. Clear calls can be made within 200 meters of communication distance. Whenever parents are in the yard or another room, they can talk to their children freely. However, if children play hide and seek, RetevisRT34 may reveal your whereabouts.

unique video walkie-talkies

Third, the appearance of the robot makes children fall in love with it. The arms of the new RetevisRT34 can move freely. The secret of the charging port is hidden under the robot's arm. Moreover, this setting makes the walkie-talkie safer to use.

Fourth, the flashlight of the walkie-talkie makes the night communication more romantic. The child will drag his parents to talk and play in different rooms. This is really a toy walkie-talkie for learning and playing. The fun is endless.

Do you have any other unique video walkie talkie experience? Please leave a message.

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