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The video walkie talkie battery cannot be charged?

The video walkie talkie battery cannot be charged?

The RetevisRT34 video children's walkie-talkie has conducted many evaluations. I hope to get the most realistic experience and suggestions from customers. At the same time, this is also a benefit for RetevisToys customers to experience this only video intercom for free. Thanks to all testers for posting and reviewing articles, videos, photos, etc. on time and in quantity. RetevisRT34 did not disappoint everyone, and the response was very good, attracting inquiries from well-known retail companies and distributors.

However, some customers have also responded that the battery of the RetevisRT34 video walkie-talkie cannot be charged?

walkie talkie battery

This has caused concern within the company. Everything was normal in the first batch of walkie-talkie tests. As a rechargeable video walkie-talkie, it is indeed a big problem that it cannot be charged. We also want to thank our partners for their patient feedback, taking photos and videos to reflect the problem. Fortunately, I finally found that it was because the battery in the walkie-talkie was completely packaged. Therefore, the battery is not energized. The customer only needs to unpack the package and it can be used normally. This also cracks the secret that the battery of the video walkie-talkie cannot be charged.

This video walkie-talkie is a major innovation, which embodies the efforts of the company's developers. The packed battery is also the result of careful consideration. Prevent damage to parts caused by battery shaking during long-distance transportation.

RetevisRT34 is a certificate-free walkie talkie, universal, simple and lightweight. This is a great holiday gift and an essential toy for children.

If you want to provide your customers with this unique video intercom, welcome to inquire.

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