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Using children's walkie-talkies on the train

Using children's walkie-talkies on the train

Today, we are exploring the new use scenarios of children's walkie-talkies. The long journey makes children feel depressed, restless, or making loud noises. Then use the children's walkie-talkie on the train. The long-distance RA17 allows parents and children to talk freely on the train; the video walkie-talkie RT34 allows children to have fun on the train. Moreover, children's walkie-talkies can also prevent some emergencies.

Children can play on the intercom on the train. Turn on the VOX function, you can hear the other party's voice at any time. Even without sitting together. By adjusting the volume, answering the sound of the walkie-talkie will not cause inconvenience to the surrounding passengers. There is also a headphone jack, so children can wear headphones. Make the call more mysterious.

Use walkie talkie toys on the train

After reaching the purpose of travel, children can ride on the cable car, skiing, carousel and other amusement facilities. The battery is very durable and can guarantee free conversation. USB charging makes outdoor battery charging more convenient. The walkie-talkie also has a rubber lanyard, which makes it more convenient for children to travel.

In addition, parents can also explain the reasons for intercom communication to their children. Learn the knowledge of walkie-talkies. Children can learn to receive more knowledge and communication during the journey.

The use of children's walkie-talkies on the train is definitely a fun thing. Do you have a travel plan?

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