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What is the common of  RT628 and RT33?

What is the common of RT628 and RT33?

What is the Same between RT628 and RT33?

Do you know RT628 and RT33? They are the series of Retevis walkie talkie toys. RT628 have three colors, RT33 just one camouflage color. It is the same as RT628 plus.

They have something in common, today will learn their Similarities together.

1. Both RT628 and RT33 walkie talkie toys are from Retveistoys. They are all the analog radio. And both of them have EU and US channels.

A. For the EU, they are PMR446 walkie talkie, it has 8 Channels, the frequency of them is Euro Frequency UHF:446MHz.

B. For the US, they are FRS/GMRS UHF Walkie Talkies, it has 16 channels, the frequency range is from 462.550-467.7125Mhz.

Retevis RT628 walkie talkie toys have two versions: RT628 and RT628 plus.

2. Both RT628 plus and RT33 are Camouflage. It makes them looks more durable and Meet the needs of many camouflage fans.

3. Both of them have can be rechargeable, but you need to buy the rechargeable battery.

Because of special restrictions on children's supplies, In general, we do not provide rechargeable batteries, but you can buy them in your location, it is the Universal batteries.

4. Both of them no need for programming, you can operate all functions Manually.

They have the same functions:

  • Privacy code(CTCSS/DCS)

  • VOX Hands-Free Operation

  • Support USB charging

  • LCD display including

  • Adjustment volume level

  • Channel number and scan status

5.Application: Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Driving, etc.

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