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how walkie talkie for kids help build their independence

how walkie talkie for kids help build their independence

How walkie talkie for kids help build their independence?

In nowadays, promoting independence and outdoor time is important for the growth of your children. 

Given time, space and freedom, kids have the chance to use their imagination and creativity to detect the world around them,

which are important for your children of growth and development. The walkie talkie is a simple method to encourage children to think



Kids walkie talkie provide freedom and peace of mind

Whether your litter kids are biking around the neighborhood, having a backyard camp out or exploring on a family vacation, 

kids walkie talkie can help teach them independence while making you peace of mind.


Let them  wander

Whether you are out at the local park or letting them run ahead on the hiking trail, give your children the freedom to go where they choose.

The term "free-range parenting", is the idea that let your children explore by themselves allows them to better navigate the world.

Kids walkie talkie allow you to feel confident in letting your children explore freely and dissipate the stress of trying to constantly corral them.

 PRO TIP: Test the range of the walkie talkies and set parameters of where your children are allowed to go before sending them out.

What to look for in a walkie talkie for kids


Make sure the kids walkie talkie you purchasing are well made and durable but affordable. So if it gets lost which can easy to replace.

We would recommend this RETEVIS RT388 to you. It's a colorful and fun family-inspired walkie talkie, which is super affordable.

RETEVIS RT38 has up to 4 miles of communication distance in an open area to allow your kids to roam freely while you still keep the clear and crisp

line of communication. They also have the CTCSS and flashlight function and so on,  making them perfect for the family camping trip.



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