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The difference of kids walkie talkie and walkie talkie toys

The difference of kids walkie talkie and walkie talkie toys

The different of kids walkie talkie and walkie talkie toys

There are many kinds of walkie talkie for children in the market, they have different looks and different prices. You will find that there is a big difference in their prices. Why?

Today let’s talk about the difference between children’s walkie-talkies.


1. The basic difference between professional kids walkie talkie and walkie talkie toys.

For kids walkie talkie:

The kid's walkie talkie is the same as business radio, they have a license-free frequency, CTCSS/DCS, VOX, monitor, and other functions. They also have many versions for different markets. Such as FRS version for America is 22 channels, PMR446 for Europe is 8 channels, For Japan, it is 20 channels. And they can talk with same-style Commerical walkie-talkie.

For example, Retevis RT32.

①The frequency of it for us is from 462.5625 to 462.7250.

kids walkie talkie.png

The frequency of RT32 for Europe is PMR446.

walkie talkie toys.png

②The Functions of kids walkie talkies.

It has very many volume levels, you can adjust the volume.

It has a screen, you can see battery Charge Level/Low Battery Indication.

It has many channels, you can choose a different one to talk on these channels.

It has CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System), it is used to protect private calls, and Keep your child safe.

It has Monitor function, You can use the monitor feature to check for weaker signals in the

current channel.

It has VOX Selection, this function allows you to talk to others without pressing PTT.

It has Scanning function, Scanning for an active radio channel.

Other functions for kids walkie talkie...


They can talk to retevis RT22, RT24, RT5R, and other models, just make sure they have the same frequency and CTCSS/DCS.

 RT22 and RT35jpg.jpg

For walkie talkie toys:

They usually only have one channel, one button, and they have no other functions, you just can use it for a simple chat.



2. The difference in appearance.

The appearance of kids walkie talkie is usually very textured. Not much appearance, More concise, and have more than one menu, Relatively single color, Modeling is also more commercial.

The appearance of walkie talkie toys usually more numerous, such as cartoon characters, animals. Very attractive to children's attention.


3. The difference in communication range.

General speaking, the communication range of kids walkie talkie can reach 3KM, but the range of walkie talkie toys only can reach 100m. Because they use a different chip, they have a big difference in performance.


4. Different price.

The price of Kids walkie talkie and walkie talkie toys is varied widely in price.

Normally, kids walkie talkie costs over $20, but walkie talkie toys need only less than $10.


5. Suitable crowd:

Retevis Kids walkie talkie is suitable for children over 6 years old, and it also can be used as a communication tool when you are in outdoor. It is a family communication tool. If you travel, picnic, hiking or shopping, you can keep in touch with your kids by our walkie talkie, and Don't worry about getting separated. It doesn’t need the SIM card, you no need to have an extra cost.

The Walkie talkie toys are just a toy for the younger children, usually 3-6years old. They can use it for some games, such as hide-and-seek, search for treasure and so on.

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